Summer Rogers

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Thanks to Summer for sending us these pictures.
"I have always been pretty athletic. I played six sports while in high scool. After high school, I lifted weights, would run and swam to stay lean because I liked the look of muscles opposed to the popular Hollywood emaciated look. I later attended the 2004 Loan Star Classic in Plano Texas and was impressed by the physiques of the womens figure competitors and realized that was the look I was going for. I immediately started training in July 2004 and did my first competion on November 13, 2004 - the John Sherman Classic. I haven't been competing very long, however I really enjoy seeing the progress I've made when I diet down. Even if I don't place well, I see it as a yearly maintenance to find out what needs to be focused on for the next competition."
Competition history:
2004 John Sherman Classic - 3rd, Figure Tall
2005 Loan Star - 4th, Figure Tall
2005 Collegiate Nationals - 1st, Figure Tall
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